Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Hebrews 12:1-29

Even though you have faith, it doesn't mean that you get the promise. The promise of the Messiah that was to come. We are holding to something that we don't have to, and it's not letting us finish the race in our lives. You need to try to do what God set before you to do. We have to lay the weight down.... We have to be vigilant in the things of God to stay on the course that He has for us; those same things that are holding you back from seeing Heaven. We have to build our strength in Christ Jesus. You have to be the manager of the things that you let in your mind, and take responsibility for the things that you are looking, listening and doing. This run for Christ is like running a marathon. You have to run with patience. Run this race the way the hair grows out of your head. God wants us to run this race with patience. We don't consider the consequences for our actions.

Not only did God write your course he also know how you finish. He is the author and finisher of our lives by following the Holy Spirit. We have to let Jesus lead us. Life is not always roses and good. There will come a time that you will want / need to be hidden in Christ. You can't finish your race in Christ Jesus if you don't endure. When you are going through you have to keep trusting God, you can't turn away. Some of the issues that we find ourselves in is our own doing. Only by the Grace and Mercy of God, he can see fit to keep us and help us

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