Your Father

Your Father

God was not called Father until the book of Jeremiah...father- "ab" means to regenerate. God is a Father, the man is the one that has the seed...

Children come from the man, a father is the one that gives life. You make the Word of God of non-effect because you have not honored your Father and your Mother. God has placed you with the Father that you have because that is His plan for your life.

Don't only look for the material things from our earthly fathers but instead look to your spiritual Father.

God said that he will turn the hearts of the father towards the children. Get over it He is your Father. You find in the OT scriptures in the Bible that the father of the family only spoke of the children when they were going to either bless or curse the children... until the Book of Jeremiah. When you are talking about father, it's someone that is regenerated, someone that is born again in Christ Jesus.

Abraham was made the father of many nations. Your father, whether you know your father or not, determines your station in life. The sins of the father falls on the children. So if a father does something outside God's will crazy in life then all the wrong then those consequences fall to your children and then their children.

God promises this covenant with the father. Is this why you are doing all the wrong things in life? To break the curse, overcome that earthly covenant You will have to enter into a new covenant through Jesus Christ.