Time is Over! No Implanted Microchips! - Kevin Mirasi (Soon Rapture)

Time is Over! No Implanted Microchips! - Kevin Mirasi (Soon Rapture)

This is the end time vision of Prophet Kevin Mirasi. God showed him a vision that many zombie-like people are getting RFID chips. After their experimental test, they are terminated. Those microchips called RFID chips or verichips are the mark of the beast. We can not go to heaven with microchips implanted. It may risk your life but you have to say no. Brother Kevin heard from God that "it is finished, time is over and let us prepare to go home". Jesus is coming very soon! So be ready!

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1. Vision of technological implant on Feb 26, 2015

2. "Time is over" on March 26, 2015

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