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Noah shows you how to find Awesome Science episodes on Video On Demand.

Awesome Science, an innovative new DVD science series from Master Books, discovering the evidence of biblical history and truth at some of the world's most amazing destinations! Enjoy fast-paced and informative presentations on the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Meteor Crater and the Petrified Forest- learning what the Bible says about the history of our world and revealing the evidence at these and other sites.

High-quality and designed to make science fun, the Awesome Science series is an educational and entertaining opportunity for everyone. Produced by a family which homeschools and works on the series together, fourteen-year-old host Noah Justice serves as your guide to truth on the ground at national parks and other geological locations.

The first three DVDs in the series are:

-Episode 1: Explore Grand Canyon
In this episode, Noah travels to Northern Arizona to find out how the 40 layers of the Grand Canyon

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