Welcome to the Kingdom - Mitch Kersh Go Kingdom First

Dealing with Spiritual Warfare between the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of God. Spiritual Warfare between the saints and the kingdom of darkness. Victorious Church is depicted through Intercession. Utilizing spiritual authority to bind demons and produce the glorious church.

Prayer and intercession and abiding and obedience is key to spiritual victories. Spiritual power to do miracles to see answered prayer. Bible study and scripture memorization crucial to spiritual growth and spiritual maturity.

Marketplace ministry leaders are key to city transformation and restoration, and reformation for the Kingdom Come.

Bible study with apostolic revelation and wisdom dealing with the Mysteries of the Message of the Kingdom of God.

Prophecy and the prophetic word of the Kingdom produce the glorious, victorious end time Church.

Church growth is part of the message of the Kingdom and genuine Kingdom teaching.

Prosperity is more than money just like resources are more then financial.

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