Are We Really in the End Times? | Prophecy in the News

World Government -- (Revelation 13:1-10)
"UN Plan For Running The World: Global Carbon Taxes, Global Safety Nets And A One World Green Economy"
"U.N. To Debut Plan For World Socialism"
Mark of The Beast -- (Revelation 13:16-18)
"DHS to States: The REAL ID Deadline Is Next January, Period."
"Scan Hand for ATM Cash, No Card Required"
WWIII -- (Revelation 9:13-21)
"Drums of war beat again: Israel's military says ready to hit Iran"
"Is Middle East trying to explode?"
Revived Holy Roman Empire -- (Daniel 2:33, Daniel 7:7-8, Revelation 13:1 and Revelation 17:3)
"Ministers ponder creation of EU super-president"
Peace Treaty -- (Daniel 9:27)
"Now's the time for peace with the Palestinians"
"Netanyahu Says He Can Deliver Peace"
One World Religion -- (Revelation 13:11-15 and Revelation 17)
"Rick Warren builds bridge to Muslims"
"Interfaith leaders travel to foster peace"
"The Vatican Occupation of America - A Tragi-Comedy In Three Acts III The Vatican Numbers Game."

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