END TIMES PROPHECY FROM GOD: I Shall be Terrible Unto Them

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God Says: "I Shall be Terrible Unto Them" - MODERN PROPHECY!

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And those, who do not know Me, need to depart from My chosen, taking with them all their ignorant chatter, by which they clamor against My servants continually, having no real knowledge of the Truth... For they have provoked Me to anger! My jealousy is aroused!
For I am indeed very jealous over My servants. And My passion is shown in My zeal, over all these who have cast away their filthy robes. For they shall surely receive new robes from Me, robes of white in My sanctuary... Let all, who are in My favor, taste and see that The Lord is good! Says He who is faithful, He who is true.
And all those who refuse to know Me, who hold fast to hate and strive hard in their rebellion...

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