END TIMES PROPHECY: Treasuries of Wrath and Mercy

END TIMES PROPHECY: Treasuries of Wrath and Mercy

PROPHECY From GOD: "Treasuries of Wrath and Mercy"

Hear the Word of the LORD GOD of Heaven and Earth Spoken to THIS Generation @: http://www.TrumpetCallofGodOnline.com


"My little flock, you are to band together very tightly, and take care of one another, uplifting My trumpets always in prayer. And of My servants overseas, who I have placed in your hands, whose children you were to adopt, GIVE! Take care of My lambs, and provide what is needed for My apostles... Or did you not believe Me, when I said that I will require more, much more, even all you have?...
For the time of great testing has come in. And those who have the voice of The Lord their God in the midst of them shall be tried by a greater line... Much will be required of them... Lo, though they may be small in number, even smaller still, they shall surely be set on a hill.

For I am poured out like rain,
And My voice shakes the earth, as a multitude of thunder!...

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