The Genesis Code Official Ad Spot

The Genesis Code on DVD at Target, Walmart and Christian retailers May 8, 2012

When college journalist Kerry Wells (Kelsey Sanders) befriends hockey player Blake Truman (Logan Bartholomew), the star athlete reveals his secret struggle with a difficult personal crisis. Convinced that modern science disproves the Genesis story, Blake rejects Kerry's suggestion that prayer might help ease his burden. Faced with similar challenges to her beliefs, Kerry sets out on a journey of spiritual discovery, leading her to the startling revelation that faith and science are both true.

The supporting cast includes Oscar-winners Louise Fletcher and Ernest Borgnine, former presidential candidate Fred Thompson, and Reverend Jerry Zandstra as the Reverend Wells.

"... very worthwhile watching" - Ted Baehr, Movieguide

"This is a fantastic movie!" - The Dove Foundation

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