Prayer in Art Studio: Internet, Users, Myself, Personal Topics

This is a prayer for internet users, those who will be seeing this video, and for me and the personal topic of this intercessory prayer.
HI everyone, my name is Ellice Park (DBA "S.J. Gethsemane"). I am a Christian artist developing Testimony Art. More than having fellowship with you through the placement of one of my art pieces in your home and work spaces, I felt it would be more relevant to reach you by praying for you, praying for those we know, and praying for some who are personal to me.

Feel free to reach me for personal prayer requests, which I would be glad to do for you through GodTube. My email is [email protected]

If you are interested in seeing my artwork, my portfolio is online at If you would like to invest in having unique contemporary art that is testimonial, and you enjoy what you see, feel free to contact me about that as well.

Praise the Lord!

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