Abortion Survivor Carrie Fischer's 6 week ultrasound (with Heartbeat!!)

Abortion survivor (her mother tried to abort her 43 years ago) Carrie Fischer and her husband Richard were so blessed, when, at the combined age of 95 years old, they not only saw their own first unborn BABY at 6 weeks gestation, but they both also saw it's very healthy heartbeat! God, we ...pray your mercy and forgiveness be on those who still believe and teach that at this age our baby and other babies are nothing more then just a, "Blob of Tissue"! Blobs of tissue don't have hearts!! Please share this amazing video with everyone you know, as it just might save the life of someone else's unborn baby! Please copy and paste this text if you share this video outside of youtube, and encourage your friends to also view the other pro-life testimonies on our youtube channel, which can be found at cyh4031 in the youtube search window.

We Love all of you with the Love of our Messiah!
Richard and Carrie Fischer

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