PostSecret Experiment

PostSecret Experiment" border="0" alt="Christian Podcast Directory - Audio and Video Godcasting" align="right" />One of FCLC's members, a college freshman, gave a presentation at her home church, Faith Community Lutheran in Longmont, Colorado on 12/30/2007. She told a story where she was inspired by the PostSecret books by Frank Warren. She decided to do something similar at her college dorm. This video highlights what happened after she posted her one anonymous Post It note secret on the bathroom wall.... over the course of a week, more followed by other girls, more secrets, and words of encouragement & support... Truly amazing, and inspiring... Showing that the spirit is still alive. The Lord worked through her in such a wonderful way!

Her talk & explanation can be heard at FCLC's podcast either at:, or at iTunes, under the 12/30/2007 episode titled "Faith Journeys: FCLC College Students". Her talk starts at minute 21:52 of that episode." border="0" alt="" title="After iTunes opens, Double-Click on a title in iTunes" align="texttop" />