Muslims order Christians to leave village in Egypt (Second Coming Watch 244)

Muslims order Christians to leave village in Egypt (Second Coming Watch 244)

Released: December 5, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III


Muslims order Christians to leave village in Egypt. According to Assyrian International News Agency, Copts in the North Sinai border town of Rafah have started leaving their homes after receiving an ultimatum from Islamists to leave "within 48 hours" or be killed. According to confirmed reports, nine Coptic families have left the town. The remaining 23 Coptic families are still there, waiting to leave. One Copt who is still with his family in Rafah said "it is difficult for us to leave as most of us are shop-owners and have property, so it is not easy just to leave everything and go." The Copts are all confined to their homes, afraid to venture out.

One in 10 European workers has taken time off for depression. According to the BBC, one in 10 workers in Europe has taken time off because of depression. A poll of 7,000 people in seven European countries has found that those in Britain, Denmark and Germany were most likely to be off work because of depression. Overall, 20% of the 7,000 polled had received a diagnosis of depression at some point in their lives.

Iran's currency plunges to an all-time low as sanctions bite. According to The Jerusalem Post, Iran's rial plunged against the US dollar in open-market trading on Monday, taking its loss in value over the past week to more than a quarter in further evidence that Western sanctions are shattering the economy....