Egyptian heavy weapons have been deployed along the Israeli border (Second Coming Watch Update #207)

Released: August 27, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Egyptian heavy weapons have been deployed along the Israeli border. According to Israel National News, Egypt has deployed U.S.-made surface-to-air missiles and tanks near the border with Israel, in a breach of the 1979 peace treaty. Western defense sources said the Egyptian Army has deployed "a range of assets supplied by the United States." They cited main battle tanks and surface-to-air missiles, particularly in the northeastern Sinai area, between the coastal city of El Arish and the border with Israel and Gaza. Jerusalem has asked Egypt to remove the military apparatus from the area.

Despite persecution, Christianity is spreading among Burmese ethnic groups. According to Mission Network News, the horrendous trials suffered by Burma's ethnic groups are working to fortify believers and further the spread of the Gospel. Approximately 70% each of the Karen and Kachin people groups follow Christ and proclaim Him as Lord. Dyann Romeijn with Vision Beyond Borders reports that, "In those ethnic groups, Christianity is spreading; it's continuing to grow."

Hezbollah says it will repel threats from Israel and the U.S.. According to the Fars News Agency, the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement underlined that the Lebanese Islamic resistance movement is prepared to confront enemy threats regardless of conflicts and challenges existing in the region...

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