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Eyes On The Master (Original, Acoustic)

So, I was passing by a car with a small dog behind the windshield. He was staring at something, so I tried to get its attention, but it would NOT look at me. I wondered, then looked to where the dog was looking and realized that his master was right there! (true story)


Eyes On The Master
by Timothy Peters


I've got my eyes on the Master;
I'm never letting go.
My gaze is straight,
Not left nor right,
No no no!

When others try to charm me,
Though Satan tries to harm me,
My eagle eyes are on the Lord.


(I've seen Satan)
Waving things in front of me
(Trying to get my attention)
Many toys and pleasantries
(That strive for my affection),
But I don't any of these;
No no no no no!

(Repeat Chorus)


(I see a)
Higher plain of existence,
A greater love, a solid ground;

And no degree of persistence,
Will turn my gaze anymore;
My eyes are on the Lord!

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