Was Joseph Smith A Prophet of God ?

Startling new insight into whether or not Joseph Smith was
an instrument in the Lord's hands to restore the same Church
of Jesus Christ as it existed in primitive times - with all of its
powers as well as its doctrines ? Do the claims of The
Prophet Joseph Smith's Vision attest, to whether or not
there is such powers, keys, teachings, ordinances necessary
for salvation and exaltation, (becoming like God) - as these
doctrines flood the earth, does The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latterday Saints hold the only power and authority to go
forth to every kindred, tongue, and nation. Speaking of the
last days, of the days following the restoration of the gospel
for a witness unto all nations - "And again shall the abomination
of desolation, spoken of by Daniel The Prophet be fulfilled."

(See, LDS Bible Dictionary Page 601). For further study
see, The Book of Revelation, The Book of Jeremiah, and
The Book of Daniel inclusively.

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