Message For MEN: Coward vs Warrior

Jesus was not a pushover. He set the standard for men around the world to emulate how he was. How men think a a man is these days is very distorted and it is the exact opposite of what Jesus was. God placed men to look after their families and to lead their households and bring up their children in godly paths, being merciful, righteous, gentle, nonviolent, having self-control and doing good to others which is the mark of a truly strong man of noble character. Instead we have this evil cowardly flesh. I know very well how the flesh is for a man. I myself am the age that Jesus started his ministry and I've been around and I know things. I know how the flesh is. It is cowardly and it is weak. I don't care who you are but as a man you have all kinds of things inside. Things like lust. You see men have little desires of lust of various kinds inside. And it is these lusts that we become controlled by; driving us to commit immorality and sin. It is what drives the trafficking industry in the world. Prostitution even child prostitution, adulteries, violence, broken families. All because of a little desire of lust that gains control over us and we become a helpless slave to it. We go and look to other things like drugs, pursuits, to try and find meaning in this life. We just chase our own ways. We try and get away from who we are because we become enslaved to these desires inside of the flesh which is weak, WEAKNESS. So the image of man in society is actually a coward. To them man is

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