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1776 Tyranny the track:



The news behind the Leftist bias

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Lyrics by Brock Lawley

A brand new Religion
Spawned from a system
That takes never makes
And builds a fantasy fiction
From the womb to the tomb
We consume a newsroom
That'll lie and spin inside a Statist caccoon.

What can be said when a National head will lie and deceive about 4 men dead.
When he'll steal a man's work
Before his family is feed.
When he'd burn the whole world just to watch it burn Red.

Constitution died
Liberty liquified into a statist mold that they stamp & verify.
God's word we hide
Laud lies & pride
Kill 20 million souls
Unborn Genocide

Steal a generation's future just to pretend today
Print a generation's fiction and make the next one pay
Kill a generation's spirit Socialist cliche
Turn a free market banquet into a Government buffet

Under God we trusted
Under Man we've busted
A flatlined future with the greatness rusted

Our Leaders flaunt their sin
Speak Orwellian
Tell us lies so often that the Lies sink in

We are still building babel
We're still playing God
It always ends Cain & Able
Spilling blood in the sod
Lenin Stalin
Pot and Moa

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