In the first paragraph of this part placed
that the difficulty of union members with
head and are scattered between faithful and unfaithful
should rely on several grants,

The link between inferiors and superiors through obedience (number 659),
encouragement of "esprit the body", the uniformity of life and doctrine and
combat divisions (numbers 663-665 and 671-672), the so-called "union
of spirits "and constant communication through letters (numbers
662 and 673-676), were prescribed by Loyola as responses to the challenge
dispersion (Loyola, 1963, pp.561-563).

In the process of colonization, the Society of Jesus was then responsible
- Not only in Brazil - the creation of schools for the children of
landowning elites and the conversion of native populations.
Another measure taken by the Church during the Counter Reformation
was to convene a meeting to regulate ecclesiastical doctrine.

The council called by Pope Paul III, in Trento, Italy, became
one of the most important religious assemblies of the Catholic Church. Their
Work continued until the year 1563. After its completion was presented
a set of decisions to ensure the unity of the Catholic faith
and ecclesiastical discipline.

Among those decisions is a reaffirmation of some points of doctrine
Catholic such as human salvation through faith and good works. The Council
Trent also recognized the Latin version of the Bible, prepared
in the fourth century by St. Jerome Catholic as the official text; defined the
seven s

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