Syrian jets strike Lebanese territory (Second Coming Watch Update #230)

Syrian jets strike Lebanese territory (Second Coming Watch Update #230)

Released: November 21, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III


Syrian jets strike Lebanese territory. According to The Associated Press, Missiles fired by Syrian warplanes hit Lebanese territory in one of the most serious cross-border violations since Syria's crisis began 18 months ago. The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said four missiles fired by two Syrian jets hit a rugged and remote area on the edge of the Lebanese border town of Arsal. No casualties were immediately reported. Lebanese President Michel Su-lei-man ordered an investigation into the border shelling without openly blaming Syria.

Libyan brigade warns against military action from the U.S. According to Reuters, a Libyan Salafi group which has denied it was involved in a deadly assault on the American consulate in Benghazi said that Libya would turn into "an inferno for U.S. troops" if the U.S. military retaliated. You-sef Je-ha-ni, a senior member of the group, told Reuters that they wanted to avoid confrontation but was ready for a showdown if Washington acted "foolishly". Any U.S. military intervention could push Libyans to wage a holy war.

A Florida family is fined for conducting Bible studies without a permit. According to The New American, Shane and Marlene Roes-siger face a fine of $250 a day from Venice, Florida, after city officials determined that the couple were conducting an unauthorized "house of worship" at their residence...