Remember Billy Graham (1918-2018) in His Most Inspiring Quotes

Beyond Commonplace by Tele

Elijah was swept away
In a whirlwind of Chariots afire
And placed at God's feet
Death could not smite him
God did favor him so

Peter walked on the sea
with face full of faith and awe
His eyes glued on Christ
The others just watched him
They stood idle and dry

I long to know You beyond commonplace and normal faith
I don't want to wait til heaven to leave my ordinary ways afar
Few men have grasped Your depths
seen Your power, greatness
Trembled as they held Your glory
Bless me, Lord, with more and more of You

Moses spoke face to face
as a man speaks with friends he loves
with the Almighty God
His Face would echo
The very radiance of God

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