"The Consolation of Israel," Luke 2:21-40. 12/28/2014; Rev. R. Scott MacLaren

When young people walk into a small church and discover the pews scarcely populated by elderly members, their first thought might be to look for another church because nothing is happening there. That may indeed be the case, but often there much to learn from the elderly. They have a depth of experience, especially in spiritual matters, that the young would do well to heed. Watch as Pastor MacLaren speaks of two elderly saints in the Temple who said some very profound things when the baby Jesus arrived at the Temple with Mary and Joseph. Perhaps you should hear what they had to say as well! This sermon was preached at First Presbyterian Church in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, on December 28, 2014. First Church is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The Rev. R. Scott MacLaren is the pastor.