Nothing is Secret (Video Jam)

Our sin will no longer be hidden, all will be revealed. We must not fall into error! Christ is the picture of what God is changing each regenerated believer into. We will be judged by the condition of our hearts. God is looking for a pure heart, a sound mind, and a clear conscious. It is what we have been changed into that matters. We must die to ourselves and be purified by the Holy Spirit, and then we will be ready to stand before the judgment seat of Christ. We must be purified by faith. God uses trials and difficulties to purify us. You may not receive from God if you are self-centered and if you do not walk by faith. A proud heart blocks the blessings of God. To submit to God is the answer, to obey Him, and subject ourselves to Him. We must come to God or we will not receive His mercy. We cannot hope for the favor of God if we remain distant from Him. You will not receive the desires of your heart unless you agree with His will. We must know and do what God commands us to do. God teaches each believer through the Holy Spirit. God will not allow anyone to be lost unless they ignore and rebel against what the Holy Spirit is saying. Acknowledge your sin before God and do His will. We must live for Him and die to all sin within us. If the Holy Spirit is pointing out sin within us we will have no assurance. Is the old man crucified in me?
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