TESTIMONY: Dealing with Crohn's & Chronic Illnesses

This is a follow up video to my video called, "Jehovah Rapha, my Healer! I believe in miracles" that was published in 2012.

On September 5, 2014 my gastroenterologist diagnosed me with Crohn's disease after the results of my blood work for IBD and a capsule endoscopy. I am positive for the markers of IBD and have 11 ulcers in my small intestines.
I GIVE ALL GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISETO THE HOLY ONE OF YISRAEL FOR TELLING ME IN 2012 TO SEE A GASTROENTEROLOGIST! The Ruach HaKodesh aroused me from my sleep just before my 50th birthday and told me to go see a gastroenterologist. I was not obedient right away. The Ruach HaKodesh aroused me out of my sleep a second time and said, "GO SEE A GASTROENTEROLOGIST NOW!!" I saw my first gastroentrologist in June 2012. I had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and Barrett's esophagus. Based on my symptoms, this gastroenterologist diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I have learned from my new gastroenterologist that IBS is diagnosed too quickly! Test for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) must be ruled out first. I completed my test and received a definitive diagnosis of Crohn's on 9/5/14. If you have been diagnosed with IBS without having IBD ruled out, please see a gastroenterologist and ask for a work up for IBD. My doc told me that I am in the early stage of Crohn's disease. He started me on mesalamine.

See Romans 8:31-39; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10; James 1; James 4:7-10; Philippians 4:4-9 and 1 Peter 5:6-1

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