Family Sings Hilarious Thanksgiving Song ‘All About That Baste’

Family Sings Hilarious Thanksgiving Song ‘All About That Baste’

The Holderness Family always brings the laughs with their funny parodies of popular songs. Today, the whole gang is back with their hilarious Thanksgiving day song, ‘All About That Baste.’ There's no question this silly song is going to be stuck in our head all weekend!

"I'm all about that baste, 'bout that baste, more butter!"

You’ll get a kick out of this fun-loving family’s Thanksgiving tune and all of the antics that go into this day. I can definitely relate to this song when thinking about Thanksgiving with my own family. In our home, Mom has always been in charge of all the Thanksgiving fixin's, but Dad has always been in charge of the hourly bird-check and basting sessions!

"On Thanksgiving day… I think its pretty true
Us dads cant make it, make it… like we’re supposed to do
The dining room, room… we have no taste
We put all the wrong forks, in all the wrong places..."

We're not sure if Mom banned him from the kitchen because it was necessary to avoid food poisoning or if it was just job security! But there is something really comforting about seeing our family in and out of the kitchen taking a quick peek at the yummy goodness as they wait for the official celebratory meal to be announced by Mom. "Time to eat!" is truly one of our favorite phrases on Thanksgiving... after "Let's give thanks" of course!

What about you? Are there any similarities in your holiday traditions? I know one thing for sure, this song is downright hilarious!

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