By Faith (Sermon Jam)

The prophet Isaiah is writing to the remnant of the people of Zion and to the remnant of the people of God today. Awake! Awake! Put on strength! Put on beautiful garments! This is for those who follow after righteousness and seek the Lord. Those who have the faith of Abraham that compels them to action and obedience to God. Isaiah saw that God was about to move and he is calling upon the people to prepare for the coming salvation of God! God is calling upon the Church to put on the strength of the Holy Spirit! To put on the beautiful garments of holiness which are granted through faith in Christ! God is calling upon the Church to shake itself from the dust and arise! To loose themselves from the bonds of their necks! God has made a way through the cross of Jesus Christ for every Christian to live a victorious life through faith! There is no reason for anyone to not fully embrace the provisions of the atonement! If people are living in bondage, defeat, and captivity it is because they have moved into that place themselves. It is God’s will for His people to walk in victory and freedom. Jesus Christ is our righteousness, sanctification, and redemption! But has He become these things to you? Is it personal? Have you personally entered in through faith?

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