ONE STAR HOTEL new Christmas CD and book

ONE STAR HOTEL is a new Christmas musical CD with book. The book contains 40 beautiful illustrations by Maia Walczak. The musical was written by Robert Young with songs from Robert Young and David Hardwick. The songs are in the styles of pop, rock and country.
The CD and book are available here:


Noel Astaire hates Christmas because it was at that time of the year that all his happiness was destroyed. In an attempt to avoid it, he tries to run away, but he cannot escape facing the truth. But when he is visited by an angel and taken on a great adventure into the past to experience the Christmas story for himself, will Noel discover the true meaning of Christmas and recover his happiness or will he resign himself to wallow in misery? Read about Noel and his unbelievable adventure through space and time in One Star Hotel.

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