Benny Builds A Snowman

Benny Builds A Snowman

Published on Youtube on Mar 23, 2012, with this description:

Well here's the next cartoon, I hope you enjoy it! I think I may have rather outdone myself this time. Granted, there is a vast array of little technical details that bother me, but then I can do better with the next one.

The sculpey guy is actually just over an inch tall and is vaugely based on the guys in those Latvian Avarijas Brigade Cartoons, which are awesome. I guess his name is Benny because it makes such a great title, reminds me of Benny Bakes a Cake, by Eve Rice, which is really a great childrens book.

The background was easy to make and done with colored pencils. As with the rest of the cartoon, I was going for simplicity.

did all the stop-motion animation in one day, and it wasn't that difficult, although the different colors of clay want to run together and the legs kept sticking together and getting shorter every time I set him down.

The sound was interesting, the footsteps were made with aquarium gravel, the snowball splats were made by hitting damp rags together, everything else was vocal. It was a trick to get the sounds to match the footage. Maybe next time I'll get a bunch of funny sound effects and make a cartoon around it!