Blasphemy Against the Spirit (Video Jam)

This video jam titled "Blasphemy Against the Spirit" comes from a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled "What Secrets Does the Gospel Reveal About Your Heart?".

Every person who can learn God reveals Himself to and makes Himself seen and known. Blasphemy is willful disregarding of what God has said. Every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven except for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. A blasphemer has paid no attention to God's saving grace. Anyone who ignores the voice of God is committing blasphemy and all will be judged. Our conscience will either excuse or accuse us based on how we respond to the will of God. Those that know God and do not glorify Him as God will not be able to claim ignorance to the Gospel. What is going on in the world today is a generation who is bent on sinning, who know the righteous judgment of God and yet do the same and approve of the sins that are being practiced. America is becoming pagan, most are despising the natural witness of God. Many are silencing their conscience and most of America despises God and holds Him in contempt and fighting against the revelation of God. The Church is consumed with idols, lust, and pride. God is calling to the world to repent. He cannot be ignored. Blasphemy against the Spirit cannot be forgiven. Will you allow the Holy Spirit to enter your heart today?

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