Project MOM

Project MOM

Over the past couple years, Genelle (our mom) has spent over $10,000 in lawyers fees to fight for us children and the best interest of us. While she was working 80 hours, she had no idea how she was going to come up with money to pay the bills. Our mom and the six of us kids lived from paycheck to paycheck. She was on her knees every hour of the day, and God gave her a peace as if he was saying, "I got this." Sure enough, God has provided every step of the way.

She has been there for us kids EVERY step of the way. No matter what we have done, she has always loved us like Christ loved the church. Because of her support throughout our lives, WE want to give back. All six of us want to give back by asking for YOUR help to support her.

If you feel it in your heart to help her out, you can give donations to help reach the goal of $12,500! If you cannot help financially, we ask that you pray for us.

God Bless,

The Bunce Bunch

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