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The Blue Sphere book preview trailer 2

This is my custom feature video trailer preview, to promote my newly released action/adventure/sci-fi/ fantasy epic-thriller superhero backstory.... "THE BLUE SPHERE." The Blue Sphere is a climactic sci-fi/action/adventure/fantasy novel, where the reader will join the vicarious odyssey, positioned to fly on the adventure with Prof. Jack Tomson of Gust City. He trains faithfully with intrepidity to become THE BLUE PEARL ANGEL of elemental resources. The hero's tale tells of the foretold legend, when the initial Tunuckial wind god, the epitomized Dr. Whirlado, arises to bring forth condemnation and malice from the reverse-force dimension from the Neatriealm, terrorizing havoc to many worlds' basic element structures of nature. A personified hero of elements must emerge to drive back the credulous demonic manifestation perpetrated by the tornado evil of winds. And a vigilant crusader of medium justice, that's right for our relevant time, defeats his opposing cohorts in this epic new hero backstory. It's shared with love, justice, peace, and righteousness, as Dr. Tomson is conflicted between duty and honor, that's inescapable to deviate from his original life. This authority by ordained rite of his master King Za'do Sapphra, trains the Prince of the Elements competitor, and reserves neutrality between sister-worlds.

Version 2 exclusive differences: New volcano scene, new music and updated Jack Tomson image.

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