Netanyahu says Iran is in control in Syria (Second Coming Watch Update #417)

Netanyahu says Iran is in control in Syria (Second Coming Watch Update #417)

1. According to The Jerusalem Post, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, Iran -- not President Bashar Assad -- rules Syria, as he warned the US against easing economic sanctions on Iran before it completely dismantled its nuclear weapons program.

2. According to World Net Daily, just as Noah did in ancient times, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham is sounding the alarm that the Second Coming is "near" and signs of the end of the age are "converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions."

3. According to The Times of Israel, Libya marks the second anniversary of the death of Muammar Gaddafi with the country on the brink of a new civil war and fighting raging in the eastern city of Benghazi.

4. According to Haaretz, Palestinian President Mah-moud Abbas has denied that peace talks with Israel have reached a dead end. In an interview with German television, the Palestinian leader said the talks have only just begun, and that there is still time to discuss various issues.

5. According to the Times of Israel, for the second time on Sunday, a minor earthquake shook northern Israel around 4 p.m., the fourth of its kind since Thursday.

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