Annie Moses Band - Blush

I'm a pretty old-fashioned guy. This is a romantic song about how romance *used* to be. Not so much anymore. This song is sung by Annie Wolaver and the lyrics were written by her mother Robin Wolaver, who sure sounds like a romantic at heart. The music was written by Annie's father Bill Wolaver. From the album "Pilgrims & Prodigals".

The Annie Moses Band is an extremely talented family. They are a delight to see in person. They tour frequently, and often perform free concerts. I strongly suggest checking them out.

By the way, I should mention that the logical thing to assume is that the woman singing is named Annie Moses. Well, her first name is indeed Annie, but the band is named after a great-great-great-grandmother named Annie Moses. The name of this family is Wolaver. There are eight members of the family, all of whom are musically gifted. Annie Wolaver not only has that gorgeous voice, but she also plays a mean violin.

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