More Then Just A 666 Mark

First, forgive the quality, this came from an older VHS copy. Just think 25 years ago this was all just Sci/Fi, anyone thinking this stuff was for real would have been looked at as a NUT. And yet here we are. The idea of a living computer chip or a Bio Chip that can grow with its host and each generation carries into the next all the information of the previous Bio Chip. In time this technology will be incorporated with the Nano technology that�s moving toward a convergence with this Bio technology. I can see a day when we will have a fully working system where due to security and safety people will rush into getting this system with no questions asked. That�s why our enemy or the enemy of God has more or less abandoned the older generation and gone full tilt on indoctrinating the next generation. In another 15-20 years he will have a society who will welcome this with open arms. A bio chip the size of a single cell that can reproduce itself using the human cells and each generation will carry ALL the information of the previous one. This bio chip will not be passive it will be just like the active RFID technology we are now seeing, in that it will always be ON and it's numbers in one human body will be in the millions and ones in it can never be deactivated, unlike the chips we see today where all a person needs to do is to simply cut the chip out. God said that taking this mark will seal your fate forever so there would be no way to simply remove it from your arm it has to be so ingrained into your body that it could not be removed. We are seeing these things NOW. And our kids will be the BETA testers for this system unless we tell them what�s coming. Did I hear the word fear? Fear is when an event happens that you are not ready for or equipped with what is needed to overcome the event. God told us to put on the Whole Armor, God told us to bring up our kids to know Him and to not be ignorant of Satan�s devices. Fear comes into play when

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