Foreigner -I want to know what love is

This song, is truly more than meets the ear. This song has a message, that captures the heart's true desire: and that is to be loved, and to know what love is. Watch this video carefully and prayerfully, and listen to the songwriter's heart in the lyrics. This song is great for use with anyone who feel at the end of their rope. The video is intended to lead the seeker to the feet of Jesus, the One who gave Himself for us, to bring us back to the Father. Jesus, is the very embodiment of love in human form -God's heart, in human flesh. The incredible sacrifice He was willing to become for us, was the very greatest display and revelation of love, the world has ever known or seen. It is the greatest for you to as well, at just how precious and valuable you are to the Father. Knowing and experiencing this love sets us free. Behold the incredible love and value God has for us. Please share this video, to anyone who you may know is struggling with self-worth issues. Several people contemplating harming themselves (suicide etc) often turn to Youtube and other sites with videos for hope as a last ditch effort. Please use this video that was made with that type of person in mind. In fact several of my previous videos have this very precious audience in mind. God does not want any to be lost or perished, and He will use the internet as well as us to reach them. God bless you as you watch this video. -Deacon Cliff

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