Modern Day Abomination _ End Times _

Here's a video i found. From a personal point of view, It is what Jesus talked about when He said : When I return, it'll be as in the days of Noah.

If you look for yourself, you'll find easily that in those days, angels came upon this earth and met the daughters of men : "there were Giants in those days..." Even Peter the apostle talked about it saying about the angels that sinned against their nature (2 Peter 2 : 4 and Jude 5-7) and were cast out in the bottomless pit, the same Greek word that was used when Jesus delivered the guy inhabited by demons living in the graveyard. They didn't want to be sent into this "bottomless pit" (Luke 8 : 31-32).
Anyways you can find more about it with a simple Google research with the words "Angels Days of Noah" for instance.

Anyways feel free to comment this video.

It's not meant to scare anyone but the real purpose of me putting this video online is to comfort some of us by the belief that I have, Jesus is about to come, He's at the door.

GOD BLESS brothers and sisters.

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