The Power of Thought

I have put this on YouTube...but thought it could be better here.

Remember: God is there, and will be there, no matter what cruddy stuff is going on in our lives.

The music in this video was composed and performed by ME, Nora, InsideItAll. It's temporarily called [until I can think up a better name], "Ballad of the Ivories". =]
I actually had to cut about a minute out of the song to make the video work. you can notice that like 2/3 in, so sorry. Maybe I'll add the complete song a bit later. =] Enjoy anyways.

If you can, tell anyone you know about it [who would enjoy it and would not be against it religiously] . I'd like to get it viewed more and discussed more so more people can see it. I'm also going to put it on . [that's here, so I've already put it on here and YouTube..]

Sorry that I had to add "" in some parts. That was in case of those evil video-stealers! So try to enjoy the video without it.

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