History by Matthew West

Photography shots taken by individuals from flickr and photo base website, thank you Lord for the talents you have given us.
Philippians 3:13-14, 1 Timothy 1:12-17
'Everyone's past is filled with imperfections. The scriptures say, "...All have sinned..." But the second we recognize how much we need forgiveness and ask God for His grace to save us, it's done. Now if you're anything like me, that seems to be only half the battle. For me, the hardest part is forgiving myself. The mistakes I've made try to haunt me, follow me and remind me that I'm no good. The failures of yesterday become the regrets of today; the regrets of today become the discouragement of tomorrow, and before you know it, the future starts looking more and more like the past. The Bible speaks clearly to all of us sinners, "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners-and I was the worst of them all (1 Timothy 1:15)." It's that simple, we're saved. All that stuff that we used to wear around our hearts like a two-ton weight, that's all history now. But the story doesn't end there. God's love can make history of your past. He forgives and forgets. Now it's time to move forward into a life of grace. Because, the truth is, God isn't done with you yet. Your life from here on out, starting with the next breath you breathe, is history in the making! What if we lived every single second ready and willing for God to do something great with our lives? This entire project is for anyone who has ever made a mistake. God's grace can forgive you. It's up to you to forgive yourself. The crazy thing is, even as I write this, and even as you read this, history is in the making!' - Matthew West

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