"Why Me" - Complete Film

Why Me?

Presented by: Coral Ridge Ministries

Starring: Maddy Curley & Josh Holt

Music by: Meredith Maudlin & Travis Ryan

"Why Me" tells the story of a young woman and her husband who find themselves pregnant at an extremely critical stage of their lives. Emma (played by Maddy Curley - featured actress in CBS's CSI: NY, and Disney's feature film Stick It), the wife, learns of her pregnancy privately and does not inform her husband. She decides to quietly have an abortion and keep her husband out-of-the-loop. Upon finding a print of the pregnancy-confirming ultrasound tucked in Emma's Bible one morning, husband Charlie (played by Josh Holt - television credits include Gilmore Girls, Star Trek: Enterprise and Jack and Bobby, film credits include Our Very Own) is faced with the dilemma of confronting his wife. In "Why Me" you will see how this couple eventually deals with pregnancy while learning valuable lessons about life, truth, love and consequences.

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