Be Yourself!

Be Yourself!

The hardest part of growing up is finding out who you are. What are your talents? What things are you good at? Is there anything special about you? Yes, you are special and the Lord knows you by name. Everything about you was hand crafted by God for a unique purpose.

You were created with a unique personality, family situation, body shape, talents and temperament designed just for you to accomplish what God has waiting in your future.

A special word to our young followers: Be the best you can be by embracing how wonderfully God has made you. You are created in God’s image, with his abilities to love and show mercy like he does. Ask the Lord to continue to mold and shape you to be who you are supposed to be through daily prayer and reading the Bible.

Let the Lord, who made you for a special purpose, help you discover the best qualities he placed in your heart, mind and soul.

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