Ruut Sallinen - I Will Arise And Go To Jesus

I heard this version of this old hymn on a CD called "Hymns 4 Worship".It's also on a CD called "A Musical Tribute To C.S. Lewis", and a CD compiled by John Schneider called "Communion" I could find out very little about the singer, Ruut Sallinen. She has a lovely voice, but I could not find out any information about her,other than one vague reference to a connection withh Maranatha Singers.

Anyway, this is a very old hymn, written by Joseph Hart in 1759. The song is usually sung at a brisker pace than this version, almost sprightly. I like the haunting mood of this version. Sure wish I could find more of Ruut's music. Anyone out there know anything more about her?

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