The Gospel of Matthew in Rhyme

This is a video that I recorded several months ago when I was a youth pastor at a Church. As a youth pastor I started teaching the youth with the Bible... starting with the Gospel of Matthew. When I would teach my youth... I would write a little 'rap' at the end of each Chapter of Matthew that would 'wrap' up what we learned. It was a fun way to help teach them and for the most part the youth would enjoy the raps. I prayed one night, and I was led to drive to the Church and record all of the poems/raps back-to-back to proclaim the whole Gospel of Matthew in one video.... in one rap. This video took several hours to record and several hours to edit. I hope you enjoy, and I pray that God can be glorified. Feel free to share it with friends and family. Jesus is Lord! Amen! :)
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