Hope Comes in the Night (Inspired by Psalm 30:5)

Hope Comes in the Night (Inspired by Psalm 30:5)

Find a place and time to watch and listen to this video in solitude
and silence. This is my instrumental impression of what it might
sound like when hope comes in the night. Lift up your OWN voice, as
you read or sing along with the lyrical prayer. Be encouraged and
blessed, as you feel Gods loving presence.

Remember, Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the norning.- Psalm

Contemplate those words from Gods Word, as you listen to the music. May the words from Gods Truth consequently stand up on
the page and bring you hope in your darkest hours. Hope comes in
the night to the weary soul that believes and trusts in God, above
all. Seek this truth, discover its meaning, and be encouraged.

While this is instrumental, there were words on my heart that
serve as lyrics by following the music. This song is not vocally for
me, but the message in the lyrics holds its meaning without the