Need For Anti-Coercion Bill Made Plain At March For Life Ral

Need For Anti-Coercion Bill Made Plain At March For Life Rally

By Bryan Fischer, Executive Director, Idaho Values Alliance
January 21, 2008

Hundreds turned out Saturday January 19th in support of the Constitution's guarantee of the right to life of the unborn. This truly is the ultimate civil rights issue of our day.

My good friend Brandi Swindell, founder of Generation Life, was the keynote speaker. She invited two young women to tell their abortion stories, and one brave young woman, Kelly, told a powerful and heartbreaking story of how her own family coerced her into an abortion she did not want.

Both of her parents relentlessly pressured her, her mother threatening to throw her out of the house and her father - who lives out of state - threatening to disown her. She was virtually kidnapped and forced to get an abortion before she was allowed to get on a plane and return home from a visit with her father.

Unbelievably, her father contacted one of Kelly's acquaintances in an effort to persuade the friend to punch Kelly in the stomach to trigger a miscarriage.

As David Ripley of Idaho Choose Life points out, while we have many provisions in state law protecting a woman's right to have an abortion, we have virtually no protection for her right not to have one. It's time for that to change.

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