The Gift of Life

This video is about pregnancy, birth,children, and life. Song played is "Entertaining Angels" by Newsboys. When we are pregnant we have all kinds of fears, "will I be a good mother", Can we afford a baby", Will the baby be healthy", but what happens if the pregnacy is unplanned...... This video will inspire you to cherish what God has given you no matter the circumstance and love that baby! Choose Life, God does! Children are a gift from God , don't let a Humanistic, world mentality choose how many kids you have or don't have ...God's in charge of that.Abortion is never mentioned in the Bible, because it is not God's way.It is not up to us to tell God No I don't want a pregnancy, He creates life doesn't He.The Bible says not by Man's will or a husband's desire a baby is created, but by God's desire. He desires Godly offspring, for you to train up and send out like arrows! They are His children, we are only given a time here on Earth to enjoy them, treat them with respect and honor and gratefullness, for their guardian angels see the face of God daily.Enjoy all the pics of different stages of childhood and all the fun and love they bring, all their firsts..... first breath, first steps, first motercycle ride, first dance, growing up..... ANd know that He provides for us, he gives us character and patience , He loves children and He wants you to hold your hands up and just say Thankyou God...whatever you want. Babies when they first start developing in the womb...are straight from the Throne of God...let us remember

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