Pure Devotion (Video Jam)

This video jam titled "Pure Devotion" comes from a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled "In Him Was Life".

A trap believers fall in today is to set up their own grounds for devotion. Believers cannot trust their own hearts! Only through repentance and godly sorrow can we be ready for a new heart and a new spirit. A life devoted to getting to God on our own will soon crumble and the mind will become darkened. We cannot make up our own terms of devotion. We are to be devoted to the will and cause of God. We are servants of God called to passionate devotion to God. What is our place of devotion? What or who are we devoted to? Do we practice inner worship? Do we walk in true knowledge of God? Do we have true knowledge of grace and forgiveness? Do we have assurance? Knowledge of God is all by faith. True devotion is not rules, laws, and customs, it is out of love, joy, and contentment through faith! Faith is living in reassuring trust not in empty words! Our works do not matter, only when one is born again are we able to put on the new man in true righteousness and holiness. We must present ourselves to God as living sacrifices. Where is your place of devotion?

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