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  • Superfriends: Super PartySuperfriends: Super Party
    A party is being thrown at the Legion of Doom hideout and everyone is invited. Everyone except Superman that is.vsmtv2010-10-02T01:32:121,546 views00:03:50
  • Camp Wired: Snatched_REWINDCamp Wired: Snatched_REWIND
    At camp we make sure that everyone gets as little sleep as possible. Snatched is our wonderful name for a wonderful time...at 3a.m.vsmtv2010-10-02T01:28:231,343 views00:02:30
  • Camp Wired: Room Check_REWINDCamp Wired: Room Check_REWIND
    We take a look back at some of our favorite room checks from Evidence 2009.vsmtv2010-10-02T01:28:231,408 views00:03:59
  • Rewind.Camp Wired: EvidenceRewind.Camp Wired: Evidence
    Camp Wired 2009 has come to a close. And the students have returned changed. Having learned that the evidence of the Annointed One, lives in them and through them we reflect on a week long experience they will take with them for the rest of their ...vsmtv2010-10-02T01:28:231,421 views00:04:36
  • Camp Wired: Evidence Day 4Camp Wired: Evidence Day 4
    On the final full day of camp the Velocity students press into to finish an amazing week strong.!vsmtv2010-10-02T01:24:011,633 views00:04:31
  • Camp Wired: Evidence Day 3Camp Wired: Evidence Day 3
    With the week nearly over the campers discover some new things about themselves and each other.vsmtv2010-10-02T01:23:591,673 views00:05:15
  • Camp Wired: Evidence Day 2Camp Wired: Evidence Day 2
    The journey continues for our teens as they continue to discover the evidence of God in their lives.vsmtv2010-10-02T01:23:101,806 views00:05:13
  • Camp Wired: Evidence Day 1Camp Wired: Evidence Day 1
    Camp Wired:Evidence has begun and the students of Velocity couldn't be more excited! Join with the students and share in the activities, worship, and the evidence of an amazing God!vsmtv2010-10-02T01:23:021,800 views00:05:15
  • Camp Wired Teaser TrailerCamp Wired Teaser Trailer
    The teaser trailer for Velocity's "Camp Wired: Evidence".vsmtv2010-10-02T01:21:371,311 views00:02:14
  • Camp Wired Teaser TrailerCamp Wired Teaser Trailer
    The teaser trailer for Velocity's "Camp Wired Evidence". With a message for the student's parents.vsmtv2010-10-02T01:21:361,414 views00:02:14
  • JC vs. Damien: RingtoneJC vs. Damien: Ringtone
    JC and Damien are back. This time they discuss Damien's ringtonevsmtv2010-10-02T00:11:431,448 views00:01:04
  • JC vs. Damien: Touch my bodyJC vs. Damien: Touch my body
    JC and Damien discuss what Damien has on his iPod.vsmtv2010-10-02T00:11:432,738 views00:00:58
  • I Choose - Interview: week 5I Choose - Interview: week 5
    Week 5 of the Velocity series "I Choose".vsmtv2010-10-02T00:10:502,056 views00:02:17
  • I Choose - Interview: week 4I Choose - Interview: week 4
    Week 5 of the Velocity series "I Choose".vsmtv2010-10-02T00:10:501,711 views00:01:57
  • I Choose - Interview: week 3I Choose - Interview: week 3
    Week 3 of the Velocity series "I Choose".vsmtv2010-10-02T00:10:501,808 views00:02:01
  • I Choose - Interview: week 2I Choose - Interview: week 2
    Week 2 of the Velocity series "I Choose".vsmtv2010-10-02T00:10:501,757 views00:02:06