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  • Calypso's Ocean ProjectCalypso's Ocean Project
    My daughter will be turning 2 in Heaven with Jesus on June 14, 2009. In honor of her birthday I asked people all over the world to write her name in the sand and send me the photos. As of June 5, 2009 I've received over 250 photos from 60 location...twowhowalkonewhosoars2010-10-02T01:02:381,439 views00:08:40
  • Raeden SingingRaeden Singing
    Raeden singing Twinkle Twinkle little Star at 2.5 years old 9/28/08twowhowalkonewhosoars2010-10-01T23:32:252,183 views00:00:16
  • HomesickHomesick
    This is another video I made for my Calypso. It's short and has a touching poem which I thought fit the situation perfectly.twowhowalkonewhosoars2010-10-01T23:23:472,990 views00:03:47
  • The Sunrise and Sunset of CalypsoThe Sunrise and Sunset of Calypso
    On June 14, 2007 I gave birth at 29 weeks 5 days to a beautiful baby girl. She weighed 3lbs 1.9 oz and was 13" long.

    She entered Glory at 23 days old on July 7, 2007
    twowhowalkonewhosoars2010-10-01T23:23:423,212 views00:08:21
  • Calypso Paikea RhyderCalypso Paikea Rhyder
    My daughter was born 6/14/2007 and died 7/7/2007 at 23 days old. This is the only video we have of her. She's not doing anything but breathing. But she's alive. You can hear her oscillator ventilator in the backgroundtwowhowalkonewhosoars2010-10-01T23:23:262,384 views00:00:57
  • Scenes from the SeaScenes from the Sea
    A montage with photos put together to the song Any other Name by Thomas Newman

    It's done with reverence for things we have no control of and in memory of those we couldn't keep with us.

    Rest in Peace Landan and Ca...
    twowhowalkonewhosoars2008-09-13T00:00:003,432 views00:04:13