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  • How He Loves UsHow He Loves Us
    Oh, how God loves us.

    lead vocals - Chris Quilala, Kim Walker, Melissa How

    guitars - Joel Kilmer, Chris Quilala, Justin Byrne

    drums - Chris Quilala, Josh Fisher

    b###% - Brandon Aaronson

    keys - Ian McIntos...
    llhpierre2008-03-17T00:00:0017,795 views00:08:49
  • I Ask Again (Gethsemane) [Passion Of The Christ-video]I Ask Again (Gethsemane) [Passion Of The Christ-video]
    This is an original song, which started after watching the movie The Passion Of The Christ The images in the movie reverberated in my soul and it was really weighing on my heart. Can we even fathom the burden placed on Jesus' shoulder that faithfu...markdavidlee2008-06-02T00:00:006,424 views00:05:55
  • Better is One Day (worship video w/ lyrics)Better is One Day (worship video w/ lyrics)
    Simple worship video we use at Church www.abundantgraceassembly.compastorloran12010-10-01T22:41:406,051 views00:04:18