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  • Possessing God's PromisePossessing God's Promise
    Having a tough time understanding the things that are happening, by-the-minute? The world will not last any longer than God's promise of a better day... And, an eternal life! See how YOU fit into the puzzle as Preacher Mike explains! Thanks for wa...trbc062010-10-01T23:39:212,188 views00:27:35
  • Can God Really Meet My Need?Can God Really Meet My Need?
    Preacher Mike takes us through Elijah's flight into the wilderness, running for his life without a penny to his name! Yet God prepared the way and ensured that Elijah would make it through the wilderness and accomplish the task at hand. What task ...trbc062010-10-01T23:36:442,131 views00:28:39
  • Teaver Rd BC's AWANA promoTeaver Rd BC's AWANA promo
    Here's our Fall AWANA promo! For more, please visit us at Thanks for watching!trbc062010-10-01T23:31:202,268 views00:01:03
  • Behold, I Stand at the DoorBehold, I Stand at the Door
    Reverend D.L.Moody dropped in to let us know that the hour of visitation is at hand! Thank you for watching his powerful message derived from the words of Jesus! For more, please visit us at!!!trbc062010-10-01T23:30:232,382 views00:29:20
  • Message of the Mustard SeedMessage of the Mustard Seed
    Jesus encouraged the disciples with his lesson on mustard seed faith. Preacher Mike lets us know how invaluable that same advise is for our lives today! For more, please visit us at Thanks for watching!trbc062010-10-01T23:28:332,176 views00:30:00
  • The Treasure is in the FieldThe Treasure is in the Field
    Regardless of the season, July was bound to be a hot month... And, Preacher Mike cranks up the heat with this powerful sermon about the blessings that God has planted before you. Are you willing to to work the field? For more, visit us at teaverro...trbc062010-10-01T23:07:012,584 views00:29:44
  • TRBC Praise Band - 7/13/08TRBC Praise Band - 7/13/08
    This is the praise band of Teaver Road Baptist Church. Sunday mornings are easy to wake up to when you have music like this... For more, please visit us at Thanks for watching!trbc062010-10-01T23:00:261,990 views00:09:38
  • Georgia Evangelism Conference - Part 1Georgia Evangelism Conference - Part 1
    This is part one in the timely message from Bro. David Harrill - "The Power of Ten"... For more, please visit,619 views00:30:00
  • TRBC's Mother's Day 2008 montageTRBC's Mother's Day 2008 montage
    This is a video tribute to the Moms in our church... For more visit us at for watching!trbc062010-10-01T22:33:452,945 views00:07:24
  • TRBC's 2008 SeniorsTRBC's 2008 Seniors
    This is our 2008 Senior class! Watch as some of their funniest... AND SCARIEST - memories go by!!! For more, please visit us at: for watching!!!trbc062010-10-01T22:30:002,451 views00:06:10
  • TRBC Homecoming 2008 - 4/20/08TRBC Homecoming 2008 - 4/20/08
    On 4/20/08, we celebrated the 34th anniversary of our church. There was abundant food, music and praise for the King of Glory!!! Watch the Providence Quartet's performance... For more, please visit us at rnThanks for watchi...trbc062010-10-01T22:28:192,711 views00:28:03
  • TRBC's 2008 VBS recapTRBC's 2008 VBS recap
    We had a blast at Outrigger Island with this year's VBS program! Have a look and see for yourself... For more, please visit us at Thanks for watching!trbc062008-06-01T00:00:002,490 views00:08:45
  • The McCart's Dazzle TRBC, Part 2The McCart's Dazzle TRBC, Part 2
    Dr. Doug and Greta McCart of Savannah, GA visited our church on 11/11/07. They ended up staying for an hour and a half on that Sunday evening service... We all had such a good time! This is part two of three from that evening. For more info on the...trbc062008-03-17T00:00:002,506 views00:28:37
  • Ronnie the A-rabRonnie the A-rab
    An Arab tribute to our friend & brother in Christ, Ronnie Hart!trbc062008-03-17T00:00:002,631 views00:00:41
  • Ronnie Hart - "My Cup Overflows"Ronnie Hart - "My Cup Overflows"
    This is one of our three tributes to our brother who went home to be with the Lord this week: Ronnie Hart - "My Cup Overflows"trbc062008-03-17T00:00:003,005 views00:04:24
  • Ronnie Hart - The LighthouseRonnie Hart - The Lighthouse
    Here's the third in our tributes to Ronnie Hart. Our brother, in Christ, who succumbed to cancer this week... And said hello to his Savior!trbc062008-03-17T00:00:002,993 views00:05:53